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Welcome to the world of AR by A.R.

As an experienced and innovative augmented reality designer, I focus on creating seamless and natural designs that transport you into a new reality. Let me show you how AR can enhance your brand and exceed your expectations.

I merge worlds together


With over a decade of experience in the AR field, I've dedicated my career to exploring and building seamless and natural augmented reality. From leading design at Meta to advising global companies like SparX, I've consistently strived to push the boundaries of AR technology.


Expert AR Design Advice

We provide expert advice on augmented reality design, helping you create seamless and natural experiences. We also specialise in artificial intelligence solutions to enhance your AR projects.

Unique AR Solutions

We offer unique AR solutions that push the boundaries of design and technology. Our team combines creativity and technical expertise to deliver innovative and engaging augmented reality experiences.

Interactive AR Experiences

With our interactive AR experiences, we bring your ideas to life. From interactive product demos to immersive storytelling, we create memorable AR experiences that captivate your audience.

Recent Projects



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